Blossom Bliss – Sakura in Singapore

We visited Blossom Bliss on a Friday afternoon during the school holidays and it was packed! But the nice thing was that we bumped into 2 sets of friends, one of whom we hadn’t seen in years, so we had a good time catching up. You can totally tell I’m a glass half full kinda girl, huh.

Anyway, despite the throngs, it was lovely to see the sakura in full bloom, and there were so many varieties!

There were the classic delicate light pink ones with the little stamens dotting the centre…

Then there were the multi-floretted ones, those that resembled dahlias or daisies, and those that looked like pom poms.

I think I will never tire of gazing at flowers in this life, and never tire of marvelling of the wonder that each bud holds.

And every time we visit, there is some other flower or fruit that amazes us, beyond the featured bloom of the moment. The kids saw carrots in the ground, lemons, grapefruit and bell peppers growing in the ‘Californian garden’ section of the Flower Dome, and I took a moment to admire this lovely flower with its edges tinged with lilac blue.

Ultimately, I guess the draw of sakuras are not just in the blooms themselves, but in the fact that they flower with such abandon. Their beauty lies not in their individuality, but in how every tree is snowed under a frenzy of blooms.

And if you are patient, you can get pretty nice shots of your family for the album.

And the important thing was, everyone had a good time.


There is also a dinosaur-themed children’s festival going on, and we saw many happy children toting little activity booklets as they traipsed around the Gardens filling up the questions. It makes for a solid workout, that’s for sure.


As always, more information can be found at the official website here. You can check their Facebook page for updates on the state of flowering in the Dome, or search “#BlossomBliss” on Instagram for real-time updates by all and sundry!

Till next time, over and out!

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