Birds of Paradise gelato

Where do we go for gelato when we want to give ourselves a good treat?

Birds of Paradise of course!

Our friend who owns a gym in the area first introduced us to this, and we have not looked back since.

It’s not much of a secret since most times when we are there it is teeming with people.

The photo below was taken during a rare off-peak timing on a weekday.

Besides being the only botanical gelato shop in Singapore, it also has these amazing thyme-infused cones. They are so popular that they were out of stock on two separate occasions when we visited.

Our favourite flavour is lychee raspberry, followed by white chrysanthemum (which comes with cocoa nibs). The mango sorbet is also wonderful.

At $4.70 a scoop ($7.70 for 2), it is certainly not cheap, but if you’re looking for out of this world flavours, this is the place to go. Even the hubs who hardly ever splurges, does so on this gelato. The thyme cones are an additional $1.

There is no seating area in this tiny shop, so most people either stand in the few spaces right next to the shop front window, or take their gelato to-go, as they stroll the streets of Katong.


Birds of Paradise Gelato

63 East Coast Road #01-05
(Opposite Katong I12 and Roxy Square)
Singapore 428776

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