Big Bag of Science – Garbled Marbles

The next BBOG activity was to grow “marbles”.  We were supposed to dish out some “garbled marbles” from this little packet into the palette, and get the kids to sort them out by colour. 

K did a fantastic job, concentrating on picking up those tiny balls with her fingers.  I must say she has come a long way with her fine motor skills.

Next one is supposed to pipette some water into each compartment. But if you have steady hands, just pouring from a small cup will do.

Then just sit back and watch them grow……

Initially, they look like those little round QQ balls you get in your ice desserts.  But eventually, they grow into really gorgeous spheres!

If you wanted them to grow bigger, just add more water! I realised that those compartments with just 3 of the same colour, grew much bigger than those that were ‘crowded’ with more…
I put them in a test tube just to be able to hold them up to the light and admire the beautiful colours. And to see whether the colours would leach, when placed in close proximity.  They did!

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