Big Bag of Science – colours and coloured jelly!

Have been under the weather and just went to the doc AGAIN… hence the delay in this week’s installation of our science activity.

K and B regularly bug me to open the Big Bag these days, and most times I succumb just to get them off my back.  And keep them occupied for the next half hour.

What we got to do this session, was to drop “true colour” tablets into test tubes of tap water. It was fun to see them fizz into bright primary colours.

primary and secondary

Then to pipette them out (plastic pipette came with the kit) into the palette provided. And mix the colours, so that you get all the colours on the supplied colour wheel. 

We let B have a go : )

Panadol “dropper” works same way as pipette
Thereafter, the next activity was to place “superabsorbant crystals” into different colours.  And let them grow… after a few hours, they absorbed the liquids and the relevant colours, and we packed them closely in a test tube for a day, to see how the colours would merge.

True enough, a bit of chromatography took place.  The jellies between yellow and blue turned green, etc.

Then it was pouring it out for some tactile fun on a paper towel.

I think they look so pretty – like little rock jewels, but soft to the touch!

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  1. June 10, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    That’s so cool! Looks like a good kit!

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