Bedok Public Library opens at Heartbeat@Bedok

It’s finally open! Yaaaaaaaay!!!

Minister Yaacob was the official GOH so it was suitably festive.

Bedok Green Primary School did a commendable job in hosting craft sessions for the public. Their P4 student councillors and teachers were very helpful in guiding the kids!

Look at the varied art pieces! Cute.

We took a walk around, and I really liked the decor, which was premised on extensive use of white and some simple geometric lines.

Since Bedok is a mature estate, there was a significant large print section (more beyond the display shelves shown below too), plus other senior-friendly features such as computers with keyboards that have larger print keys.

Next to the staircase was a lift, to aid those who might need it.

The Bedok Library has one of the largest collections of Malay Language literature. Impressive!

I really liked how the tops of the bookshelves were labelled as below! Functional and aesthetically very cool.

The Children’s Section and Singapore Collection are housed on the upper floor of the library.

The armchairs look so luxe too, don’t they? Check out how they are spacious enough for a father and child to squeeze into, or even two brothers (as above)! Nothing more heartwarming than the sight of family reading together.

As you can see, it was packed on opening day! (This was the first hour too.)

Gotta love the children’s sections with so many squeaky new board books and picture books.

So many cosy nooks to read in too.

I chanced upon this book on one of the display shelves, and quickly picked it up to borrow. Found out that it was one of the best crowd funded book in the history of crowd funding. We are likely to write a book review on it soon, stay tuned!

So pleased with this library.

The other exciting thing is that we can now borrow books using the updated NLB Mobile App! I have been using this app for a while, to monitor the number of books borrowed on each card (you can enter multiple profiles on one app to track your family’s borrowing.)

That day, I skipped a really long queue, simply by following the instructions and scanning the book barcodes. What a breeze! We could just saunter out of the library thereafter. SmartNation, yo.

Plus, the library’s bonus borrowing limit has just taken effect again! From 28 Oct 2017 to 31 Jan 2018, borrow up to 16 books if you are a library member.

Ahhhhhhhh, I simply love our libraries.

Also, I feel that it bodes well for a nation to invest in its libraries. For a public library is no fancy generator of economic wealth, in fact, it is a quintessential public good.

There might be many things in Singapore that don’t seem to be going right, but every time I step into one of our public libraries, I feel that there is still a glimmer of hope. A country which allocates sufficient resources towards creating beautiful spaces housing beautiful books and spaces that invite people to read, now, that’s something to applaud.

Now, the other challenge is to choose only the best books to saturate our minds with.



Bedok Public Library
Address: Heartbeat@Bedok (local community hub – an Integrated Complex with a PolyClinic, Community Centre facilities and Swimming Pool)
Bedok North Street 1 (opposite NTUC and a 10 min stroll from Bedok MRT. Note: it is not directly linked to Bedok Mall.)



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