BBSG 2014 – Delivery and more!

More grocery runs

We did another grocery trip, and B was filled with glee at being snowed under packs of Milo. A1 As usual, the girls wanted to be the ones who transferred all the packs from the trolley to the gift box. A2 Something nice that came out of their being more involved with the Some other church friends, the girls’ aunts, and grandparents also got into action, purchasing biscuit tins, more milo, condiments and halal canned food at various NTUCs. It’s lovely to see how it only takes a spark to get the fire going.  A4 For ourselves, it was also our friends who had first encouraged us to go one step further to join in the deliveries. Here are some of my mummy friends who have blogged about their efforts this year, posts that are unique as well as super inspiring – Life’s Tiny Miracles, Life is in the Small Things, and Life in the Wee Hours (haha, just realised that they all have ‘life’ in their titles!).

Delivery day!

On 20th December, we got to the BBHQ bright and early. We got our brief to deliver to 5 homes in the north-eastern part of Singapore. By God’s grace the weather was cool and it did not rain throughout.

We tried using a normal groceries trolley last year, but it didn’t really work cos the bags were huge, and their wheels didn’t navigate the curbs well! We thought about borrowing a proper goods trolley this year, but didn’t manage to in time. So… this mummy thought our old stroller would do the job! And it did! Check out the photo below! Four bags perched on our hardy stroller, with strong Papa keeping it all balanced… IMG_6534We were sent to homes where deliveries were unsuccessful the first (or second, or even third, in one case!) time, so I knew we had to try extra hard. Went to the extent of the annoying ‘incessant doorbell ringing’ tactic, and voila! The door opened.  Another time, I was desperate enough to test if the door could open, and it did! The place was inhabited! After some more hollering that we were here to deliver some food, someone came to the door! Hooray!

There was one lovely aunty who insisted on making two cups of honey water for us. So kind! I guess beyond the material goods, their hearts were warmed that there were people who cared enough to do this.

There were a few others who were not at home, or looked like they had shifted out. We pray that they are all well, and that they will receive their large food hampers soon!

Overall, we felt privileged to be given a chance to play a small part in this exercise, and would like to cheer on all the many others who have signed up and will be indefatigably knocking hard on doors. Press on!  

“…and this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.”

-Micah 6:8

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