BBOS – wacky worm wonders

This was a particularly fun BBOS experiment. Dissolve some calcium chloride in warm water, then squirt worm goo into the mixture. 
Watch worms form! Depending on how you squirt the goo, you can get spherical ‘eggs’, necklace like worms, or intestine like blobs. 

The girls had great fun. 2 year old B now asks for ‘experiments!’ all the time though I have a once a week rule (too messy!). Sometimes she mixes it up and calls it ‘advertisements’ – guess these are the two longest words she knows now. 
They love it mainly cos it’s a chance to touch new and weird things. To squeeze, pull, stir goo with their fingers… They know that water is a core ingredient, so both will run to the kitchen for some before we begin every session!
Two preschooler chemists – they just love the mess, I suspect

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