BB Share-A-Gift today!

Mummy’s friend mentioned on her blog that she’d be supporting the Boys Brigade’s Share-a-Gift drive this Christmas. She was totally inspired and decided that it’d be great to get me involved.

So when we found out from their FB site that what they needed more of was “halal canned food”, off we went to procure some!

Canned food galore!

We bought three bags full (haha)… but before we were done unloading, an amazing couple wheeled their heavy trolley (packed to the brim with rice, oil and canned food) over and deposited it all!  Wow, what an abounding spirit of giving. And they were sweet enough to buy the BB boys on duty two bottles of liang teh too!

little sub-elf

Mummy explained who were were getting the food for, and I surprised her by saying, “Remember the last time we went to bring food to people?”  Mummy felt quite gratified that the similarity between this and the Groceries on Wheels effort was not lost on me!  But what I really wanted to know was “So who will bring the food this time if we just leave it here?”

Mummy told me that the boys in uniform and some others would be helping to pack the groceries into bags like those we delivered, and that we couldn’t take part this time since we’d be away the first weekend.

So…… it’s not too late for anyone else who may like to chip in towards making life a little easier for some 30,000 ComChest beneficiaries! Purchase groceries needed on their list (currently, cooking oil and milo is lacking), deposit it at any of the 13 collection booths at NTUC Fairprice outlets spread across the island, or volunteer to deliver the groceries on 8th or 15th Dec!  Get more details here – make this season a meaningful one!

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