BB Share-a-gift: Delivery!

We wanted to buy some groceries in aid of BB Share-A-Gift but by the time we returned from church camp, we realised that they had reached full target!! Wow.

So that left us with the delivery that we had signed up for earlier. This is the first time we’d done a delivery with the Boys Brigade, though we brought K&B to the Groceries on Wheels delivery last year, and also contributed to BB’s Share-A-Gift last year.

Our kids live such a sheltered life that we feel it’s important to involve them in such initiatives once a year, so it becomes a way of life from young. We’re not sure how much they really understand, but we believe that it’s never too young to start.


We arrived at the far north of our island, and by God’s grace it was sunny though it had rained the whole of the day before! Perfect weather for delivery. Quite a number of cars had arrived, and after leaving the car boot open for loading of the grocery bags, we went into a classroom for a briefing.


The short briefing was conducted well by Gabriel, and with the address slips in hand, we were quite keen to get started!

There was a palpable buzz and a bit of a festive spirit, with grins all around. There’s just something about giving – you can’t do it with a frown on your face.

K, without prompting, poses to show that we’re doing this with heart!


The strong BB boys loaded our boot with ten massive bags. Here they are, all squished in.  We had also brought our preloved toys to giveaway!
And off we were! A whistle was blown to flag the cars off, and the drivers honked goodnaturedly. All very cheery. 
We got to our first block, and it was such a loooooong U-shaped block that we had to walk round 3/4 of it to find the right unit. Melvin, the BB boy that came with us, heroically carried two of those heavy bags (I think they must have been at least 15kg each).
At one point, we realised that we’d have to climb up three storeys, so I helped him with one bag, whilst the girls gamely climbed up themselves.

Thereafter, we wised up, and used the marketing trolley we had brought along. So at another block where 4 bags were to be delivered, the hubs took 2 bags, Melvin wheeled one, and I carried the last. Thankfully that block had lift landings on every floor.

Unfortunately, some recipients had moved or were not home, so we only managed to deliver 6 out of the 10 bags we had. There’d be other deliveries at subsequent time-slots – hope they are home then!

Overall, it was great to see the happy faces of those who were home. Most lived in 1-2 room flats, and one recipient had some trouble walking. I was glad the girls came along, since most of the elderly folks we met where cheered to see them. Little kids make such great ice-breakers! B was hilarious – she took out her sandals when one elderly couple opened their gate for us to place the bag inside. She thought she was going in for a visit!

We’re glad we took time out on the last weekend before Christmas to participate in something that nourishes our souls. Amidst the hustle and bustle, it was good to spread some cheer to those amongst us who don’t have as much.

This is such a great initiative by the Boys Brigade, and we’d definitely be supporting it in one way or another in the years to come! Keep it up, boys!

“…let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.”
1 John 3:18

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  1. December 23, 2013 at 9:52 am

    Well done! Did the girls enjoy themselves?

    • December 23, 2013 at 10:52 am

      I hope so! Esp when B tried to go in for a visit!

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