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The hubs and I went to Bali earlier this year, to attend our friends’ wedding. Our first couple trip, after more than five years! *cue resounding cheers*

One of the highlights of Bali for us, was certainly the many great eats it offers.

Being quite into my food, I had researched quite a bit into this prior to the trip, and even put specific restaurants into our itinerary slots. When one has only a few days in a locale, a Singaporean especially, will not waste any meal slot, dining on mediocre food. 
So what were our favourite must-eats? Hold on tight as we bring you through our whirlwind romance with gastronomic Bali.

Naughty Nuri’s


Jl. Batubelig no. 41
Kerobokan Kelod, Kerobokan

Quite touristy, but oh-so-good

The lasting memory from this place was not the ribs (delicious as they were) but the lanky American who was sharing our table. 
He ordered TWO full racks of ribs and 2 Bintangs straight upfront. Before he finished ALL the ribs in about 20 mins, he had ordered another 2 beers and finished those as well. 
The hubs said he had the physique of a marathoner. I suppose if you run 42km for fun, then you really deserve to be able to eat anything you want. 
The restaurant was decorated like an interesting pub, and is very spacious. There are even two sets of toilets, with beer caps as the main decor. 
The other thing of note was the maître d’. Faced with an unending stream of pushy customers, boy did she keep everyone well in line. 
Back to the queue, she’d point anyone who dared to stray out, authoritatively back to where they belonged in the line. A little metal chain (gate) helps her keep perfect order. 

Merah Putih


Jl. Petitenget No.100x, Kerobokan

A recommendation from pleasure monger, this place did not disappoint. If you are looking for good ambience, tables that are spaced widely apart, cutting edge interior design (that extends to their very spacious and modern all-black themed restroom). 
The beef was enticingly soft, and they even served an amouse bouche. Yup, it’s that kind of place. 
And the price! Oh the price. It’s amazing. Less than half price of similar food in similar environs in Singapore. This is the place to head for if you want to get a bit of space to yourself, far from the madding crowds.  

Ibu Rai


Monkey Forest Street

This is the top restaurant in Ubud for me. 

The founder of this place was an amazing lady, who singlehandedly brought up six young children after her husband died, just by running her little eatery.

Now it has expanded to this sprawling posh place, with food of superb quality, yet at prices that seem almost ridiculous.

Ibu Rai

The hubs had great steak, I had delicious seafood, and the icing on the cake was the herbal ginger lemongrass Ubud tea that hit all the right notes with me.

Fair Warung Bale


Jalan Sriwedari 6, 100m Up From Main Road Ubud

Fair Warung Bale

This was a great casual lunch spot, and I would have gone back again if I had more time. 
Firstly, I had the most yummy Mie Goreng in years there, and their social enterprise purpose really gripped me. 
After our meal, I made a donation to their box on their bar, and cheerily encouraged the staff to keep up the extremely good work they were doing in Bali. Everyone needs a helping hand. And this is a restaurant with heart, if there ever was one. 
Do note that it will look closed from the front, but that is because the restaurant premises are upstairs. 

Pawon Pasundan

Jalan Kediri No. 2, Tuban (Denpasar)

This was a pleasant gem that our driver brought us to, when we asked if we could stop for lunch after arriving, en route to our hotel. Located near the airport, its spacious and pleasant premises made for a wonderful first rest stop.

Pleasant Indon environs

A feast – spot the flying gurame

The food was delicious and extremely affordable. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a quick bite of delicious Nasi Padang and Flying Gurame, before or after a flight. The sambal chili and sweet chili was delectable too. Yums.

Other famous eats

Famous eats (top row – Ibu Oka, the rest as their shop signs indicate, bottom right corner – Indus Restaurant)

Ibu Oka (Ubud, opposite Palace)

Jalan Suweta/Tegal Sari No. 2

Very informal coffeeshop setting. A steady stream of customers, mostly tourists. We felt it was over-rated, but perhaps authentic in the sense that this is what locals are used to?If you are in Ubud for a day trip, and only have one meal to eat there, don’t make it the pork crackling rice served here.

Sari Organik
800 m up into the rice fields of Subak Sok-Wayah

We trekked through the rice padi fields (20 mins to reach this spot) but continued straight on, cos we were there for the trek, not for the eatery. Hardcore outdoorsy types, I know! A fellow trekker, a tall, barefoot (respect!!) and very lithe Caucasian lady in a sarong skirt strode past us and stopped there. (Organic food must give you wings.)

Bebek Bengil
Jalan Hanoman

We didn’t eat there, having had our fill of crispy duck earlier in the trip. It’s another dish that Ubud is famous for, but apparently standards have dropped.

Indus Restaurant
Jalan Raya Sanggingan

We ate there, mostly because our driver recommended it. And in turn, he probably did so cos they have a nice lounge for drivers, and he probably got a free meal thrown in. The restaurant itself was not too bad – great view of the hills (and supposedly the river far below), and decent food. But not a place that I’d particularly make a point to go back to.

This post turned out to be longer than expected! Hope you found it useful, if not interesting at least, to trawl through. 🙂

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