Aureus Academy – steady progress and upcoming Winter Camp!

It has been almost three months, so how have B’s lessons been progressing?

Well, for a start, she looks forward to walking through these doors to Teacher Ann’s class every week!

Apart from the My First Piano book, B has learning about 5 tunes from these simple scores. With bright colours and large letters, she’s able to learn quickly and commit them to memory easily.

Her favourite piece now is Ode to Joy and she can play it comfortably without looking at the score.

What is nice about Aureus’ classes at this level is that theory is incorporated into the lesson, so B learns basic music theory alongside the singing and playing.

There is also music and movement built into the session. B loves dancing and I feel that experiencing music and rhythm kinesthestically is a great way to build up both musical appreciation and aptitude.

B is steadily becoming a more confident pianist – thank you Teacher Ann for a great lesson every time!


Aureus Winter Camp 2017

Aureus Academy conducts music camps during the school holidays and tis’ the season for Winter Camp!

Held at two main venues, Rochester Mall and Forum Mall, Aureus’ Winter Camp is suitable for kids with all levels of music abilities, since there will be classes specially designed for different tiers of learning.

Here’s a snapshot of the dates and venues:
11th – 15th Dec (Forum)
13th – 15th Dec (Rochester)
18th – 22nd Dec (Forum)
18th – 20th Dec (Rochester)

I find the “An-Instrument-A-Day” aspect especially interesting, since this part of the programme allows each student to select a musical instrument and get a hands-on experience on the basics of how to properly hold and play it.

Instruments include favourites such as Violin, Cello, Guitar, Ukulele, Drums and Trumpet!

For Aureus Winter Camp 2017, choir singing will also feature prominently. I totally agree that singing and voice projection is an important part of developing musicality, even if the student is learning another instrument.

In fact, our vocal chords are our God-given built-in instrument, that we carry along with us all our lives!

So if you are still wondering how to occupy your kids during the school holidays, do check out the Winter Camp website – you can find out how to register and enquire about the specific cost there.


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Note: Thanks Aureus Academy for sponsoring B’s lessons for the purpose of this review!

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