Appreciating three great fathers in our lives

To my wonderful husband and fantastic father to my two daughters,

Thank you for being such a present dad. How many fathers invent cute games at 9pm after a long day at work, and swing their tiny daughters from “step” to “step”, improvised in the bedroom?

How many fathers change poopy diapers willingly and adeptly, whenever he’s at home?

How many fathers have brought their kids on at least 3 one-on-one dates each, just in the first half of this year alone?

How many fathers set their alarms to ring 3 times a night to feed their feverish kid Panadol and Nurofen alternately?

How many fathers give their wives big bear hugs regularly in front of the kids so they grow up secure in the knowledge that their parents having a loving marriage?

Many perhaps, but we are just so blessed that we have one of you, and all of fantastic YOU. 

K on one of her many solo dates with Papa. Her favourite food and her favourite play areas. Such a lucky girl. 

 To my own selfless daddy and now super grandpa,

Thank you for being a very present dad as I grew up, and not hesitating to discipline me, even with the cane, though I am your only child. I think I could have turned out very differently, for the worse, if not for that. 

We have never had very much materially, but you have always given me the best you could afford. From you I have learnt contentment, and the fact that there is no need to desire to keep up with any Joneses. 

Thank you for being such a great hands-on grandpa to the kids, coming over every weekday, feeding B her dinner, bringing both to the playground almost every night, and putting B to bed almost every night simply because she chooses you. 

You are B’s número uno, and it is sweet how you are secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) pleased about that. 

To the best dad-in-law a girl could ask for,

Thank you for being so generous with your time and energy, ferrying us and your precious granddaughters around even when it’s late, or the distance is out of the way. We are so glad that they have brought you such delight. 

Thank you for being such a doting and indulgent grandpapa. I never had the chance to meet any of mine, so it’s extra special to see your fond interactions with the girls, and hear you boast about them. 

Thank you for welcoming me so readily into the family, treating me as your daughter so quickly. It always tickles me when others tell me how well you speak of me to them, and how proud you are of me, in some ways. 

To these three wonderful wonderful dads in our lives, thank you so much. We would be so different without your affirmation, without your presence, without your unconditional love.

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  1. June 18, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    This is such an affirmative and sweet post, L! And you are very, very blessed to have these men in your life!

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