Another solo mummy day out with the kiddos

Was on leave to help the usual caregivers cope with K being on holiday this month. Planned a fun mummy lunch with two friends, which was really nice! Also blessed by one of them who decided to buy us lunch!

It was a bright sunny day, and we stopped to take a photo near the happy shrubs before we went onto the MRT. Though it’s probably easier driving two kids, public-transport lovin’ old me much prefers the MRT to driving. I really just can’t drive lah, license notwithstanding.

After lunch, we decided to make a short visit to the nearby Central Lending Library.

B went amok zipping here and there once we arrived, pulling books of the shelf as she is wont to. I was soooo tickled by this book she brought me. Little does she know how apt (no, I didn’t borrow it though).

Three sweet little ladies all in a row.


A photo that’s probably more representative of the looniness. đŸ™‚

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