An F1 weekend with Shell V-Power LEGO®

The F1 race is an event close to my heart, since I participated in organising the very first race in Singapore, back in 2008.

The intense days and late nights spent making sure that we got the best lighting technology from an Italian specialist (who was in his 80s! We did wonder if he’d make it to fly down for the checks and actual race), coordinating with various agencies such as the LTA and MHA to negotiate for road closures and security arrangements, coming up with the VIP guest list for the Paddock Temasek Suite and even getting approval for the interior decor of the Paddock Club… those were the days!

Was on duty at the Paddock Club for the three days of the first race, and we were so relieved that everything went as planned! My duties culminated in having to simultaneously work two walkie-talkie sets with a different earpiece in each ear – talk about complicated, haha!

Although the race is probably more entertaining on TV than “live” since the cars do zoom by terribly fast, the atmosphere is unparalleled. Also had a chance to catch an F2 race in Valencia that year, and that was really fun too, given the gorgeous marina side venue and Spanish vibe.

F1 paddock

(Counter-clockwise) Box of paddock club tickets, tees for the team, and fast forward 6 years later – the renewed F1 contract, and a little girl dressed in chequered flag colours for the occasion!

So I was happy to join in Shell’s #ReadySetBuild Brunch to commemorate the launch of their Shell V-Power LEGO® collection (plus who doesn’t love LEGO®, right?). Got B dressed up for the occasion (chequered flag!), and we had a really fun time!

We had already noticed this LEGO® collection being launched at Shell stations countrywide, but we didn’t know that Singapore is the first country to launch it. Many of my friends have been faithfully pumping and purchasing the little models to build up the full collection.


Really thoughtful event set-up with crayon colouring and playdoh for the kids to toy with.

The last time there was a similar collaboration was back in 2012.  This time, within the first two weeks of the 2014 launch, more LEGO® cars have been sold at Shell stations, as compared to the entire season in 2012!

The kids were thrilled to be given little goody bags that contained a toy car each. B got a blue car, which incidentally is her favourite colour. 🙂  We had a fun time putting the car together, and I think piecing LEGO® together is one of the best parent-child bonding activities ever.

The cars also have the smallest pull-back micro-propulsion motor mechanism ever created by LEGO®. I thought that was pretty awesome, since I didn’t even notice it when putting the car together. The mechanism fits snugly in one of the flat pieces.  Super cool.


Kids having an informal mini-race. Pull the cars back, and release! Off they go!

We also learnt that Shell V-Power fuel that’s available at Shell stations in Singapore, is the same fuel that powers the F1 Ferrari race cars *vrooooom!*. I don’t suppose we all have Ferarri engines, but it’s good to know that the highest quality fuel is available to the man on the street.

We were also treated to an educational workshop on tilt-shift photography by an amazing couple who travel all around the world to get spectacular landscape photography shots. Their passion for photography, and total dedication to their craft was evident as we watched their time-lapse photography videos, and learnt how to take minature still shots. 

It was all very inspiring, and I realised how wanting my photos are! But I guess we all make-do with the skills and time we have, whilst trying to continually improve.  


We were brought around the ground floor of Raffles City, where there was an interesting Shell Roadshow going on, with family-friendly activities and little prizes for the kids. The entire set of LEGO® limited edition collectibles in their little glass cases was also very drool-worthy. Made me really want to collect the entire set!

There’s the Red Ferrari F138 F1 race car, the Blue Ferrari 250 GTO, the Red Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, the Yellow Ferrari 512 S, the oh-so-cute Shell Station & LEGO® Shell Scientist Minifig, as well as a F1 Finish Line and Podium, all purchasable with every $60 of Shell fuel you pump. The models go for $5.95/model with Shell V-Power, or $8.95/model with Shell FuelSave 98, 95 or Shell Diesel.

A LEGO® Shell Tanker will also be given free with any Shell Helix Ultra Service package at Shell Autoserv from 22 Sep – 16 Nov.


The other eye-catching draw of the Roadshow were the 1:2 LEGO® models of F1 cars powered by Shell that were on display. Almost everyone who walked by couldn’t resist taking a photo (or ten, it seemed!) of the LEGO® models.


Photo op with the larger version of her blue car, and gazing at the coveted Red ferrari sports car – probably her papa’s dream car too!

So that was the highlight of our F1 weekend, and a glimpse of the Stamford Grandstand seats were as close as we got to the race proper, haha.


We were generously treated to a sumptious lunch with impeccable service at Wooloomooloo too.

As with all things, we go through seasons of life.  There is a time to be in the thick of F1 events, and a time to watch it at home with your littles, which is pretty much where I am now! 🙂  Hope everyone had a fantastic F1 weekend too. Over and out!


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  1. September 23, 2014 at 1:42 am

    Looks like you had great fun!! 🙂

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