An early morning jog

Black silence of predawn
Then the slow, audible ebbing 
of faint lavender hues 
upon the horizon
A ombré effect begins 
Then birdsong breaks
Gentle chirps, 
persistent twittering, 
a shrill cry that soars far up high
The wind joins in the cacophony
At a different, husky frequency
Rustling palm fronds,
the waters,
that lap against broad longkang sides
Yet another, and another, plane booms low
Everyone wants to land now
to grasp a full day
in the punishing rhythm of
this city 
The sky now swathes of full light
the mystery and privacy of dark
and is no more 
I stop chasing pace
and start to truly hear 
start to truly see
The images and sounds
just past and now present  
in my mind
I then start to truly savour
this short journey

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