Amazonia at Great World City – fully-themed, engaging, premier indoor playground (with Giveaway!)

Although Amazonia has been around for six years, this was the first time the kids have been there, so they were really excited to explore this 10,500 square feet, fully-themed indoor playground at Great World City mall.

We were there at 10am on a public holiday, so there were no school groups, but it did get progressively more crowded from 11am. What I really appreciated was information on their website about whether there will be school groups present on various days of the month, and the exact timeslots that they will be there. That really helps in planning a visit, and avoiding massive crowds which can make a big difference to the overall experience.


Jungle Play Gym

The star attraction in Amazonia is certainly its six-level high Jungle Play Gym. Check out the little yellow bridge above the four-storey high wave slide too.

The kids enjoyed whizzing down the wave slide, and I later saw some parents having a great time sliding down with their babies on their laps too! Here’s what 8 year old K wrote in her journal entry:

“This is amazing” I shouted climbing onto the stairs. “I agree!” Mei Mei said. We were on the Jungle Gym, sliding down.

The kids immediately clambered up and explored the many nooks and crannies. I got a real workout from following them around and trying out every slide, including a long green one that was pitch dark inside! There’s even a trampoline hidden in a corner (top left picture).

The kids had fun calling two little spaces their ‘secret hideouts’. I thought it was interesting that they related how they had to give one up when some bigger kids came by later that morning. Law of the jungle indeed, haha.

Toddler’s Area

There is a toddler’s area for those aged below 3.

It includes a comfy deep ball pit, a non-threatening slide, and a piano mat to stomp out some tunes on.

Another area with bricks and toys for pretend play nearer the entrance, is also suitable for toddlers and kids. I thought this area could do with more ‘theme-ing’, since the rest of Amazonia is so beautifully and coherently themed.


Mini Golf

Tucked away behind the Jungle Gym is the Mini Golf course, which is a unique 3D Glow version, the first of its kind in South East Asia.

It costs $8 per person (one complimentary session if you come between Mondays-Fridays), and you can take your time to finish the course. From K’s journal again:

Next, it was Golf time! It was Glow in the Dark, but the staff turned on the light for a quick demonstration. When the lights were off, it was pretty scary. There was an Octopus all the way to a scary dinosaur. There was this sound that kept going “Matey, my own treasure…” and then there was a sound of coins clashing together.

The kids liked it a bit more with the lights on since they are easily spooked, but I personally loved the full glow-in-the-dark experience. It was really quite beautiful!

Initially, we felt like we were submerged in an underwater world.

Then, we entered a pirate’s lair… My girls found it a bit scary, but I can see how it most primary school boys would find it cool.

And finally into Jurassic land.


Space Ball

There was another room where up to 8 kids can battle it out in a ‘Space Ball’ game.

Up to 4 players a side can play this game, as you aim to hit the target boards above the heads of your opponents.

It costs $5 per player per game (you can opt for this complimentary session instead of Mini Golf if you come on Mondays-Fridays), and we were quite surprised when it ended in 3 minutes! A very quick game. It comes across as rather pricey if you are there on weekends, so I think it’s most worth it to engage in this activity when you book a birthday party because it comes with free Space Ball and Mini Golf sessions.

Amazonia Bistro

Amazonia’s Rainforest Jungle theme continues at the Bistro area. The Bistro has an extensive menu of food and beverages, so there’s no need to head out for lunch or snacks.

The artwork on the wall mural was particularly evocative, and the ‘greenery’ in the bistro makes it a pleasant place for parents to grab a bite, whilst the kids run wild. I also appreciated the sturdy wooden furniture, which is a nice change from the too-bright plasticky feel of some dining areas at other indoor playgrounds.

Since wifi has long replaced food as a basic need on Maslow’s hierarchy, it is a given that any indoor playground worth its salt will provide free wifi. When I went to the Bistro counter to inquire for the password, all the staff needed to do was to point upwards to the strategically located sign, testament to the fact that this must be an FAQ. The wifi signal was nice and strong.

I purchased two apple fruit drinks ($3.20 each) for the girls, and that immediately catapulted me into Best Mummy Ever status (for the day at least). They liked the bottles so much that they have recycled them as their water bottles now.


Birthday Party Rooms

In K’s words, “We went to the party rooms and they were really cool. Look!”

Amazonia’s party rooms are really quite impressive.  One of the two rooms has a race car theme which will certainly be a hit with the boys. K’s tee that day matched the colour scheme perfectly! Imagine inviting your friends to dine in race cars.

There is another room that evokes sheer princess indulgence! Look at the 3D backdrop and the elaborate carriages that double up as dining tables! No prizes for guessing which ones the girls preferred.

The rooms are not very large, and probably can accommodate 12-16 children comfortably if it’s a drop-off party. If parents are included, then perhaps keeping it to a party of 6-8 families will be best. For bigger parties, the partition between the rooms can be opened up, such that you get both themes!

More information on their birthday party packages can be found here.


All in all, Amazonia is a very engaging indoor playground with a high quality Jungle Gym. I heard from Chief Operating Officer Mr Dominic Tan that they are planning major upgrades to the Jungle Gym structure and more in the coming months, so do stay tuned for that!



The generous folks at Amazonia are giving away thirty (30) Free 1-hour Play Passes to readers of the LilBlueBottle blog community!

To enter, complete all the steps below:

  1. Visit LilBlueBottle’s Facebook Page and Amazonia’s Facebook Page (While you’re there, we’d appreciate it a lot if you could “Like” the pages)
  2. Leave a comment on this Facebook post with:
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The giveaway ends on 2359 hrs on 17 Jan 2017, and the winners will be contacted via email. The usual terms and conditions apply. 🙂


Amazonia Singapore

Level 3 Unit #03-08,
1 Kim Seng Promenade,
Singapore 237994.

Tel: +65 6235 4522


Admission Fees:

Babies (below 1 year) – Free for each baby who enters with an adult, with minimum spending of $10 at the Bistro.

Toddlers (below 3 years) – $22 per child with complimentary Spaceball or Mini Golf from Monday to Friday. Minimum single receipt spending of $70 to enjoy complimentary Spaceball or Mini-Golf only on weekends.

Children (between 3-12 years) – $33 per child with complimentary Spaceball or Mini Golf from Monday to Friday.  Minimum single receipt spending of $70 to enjoy complimentary Spaceball or Mini Golf only on weekends.

Adults – $1 Per Adult for the first 2 Adults accompanying 1 Child.

Monday to Friday: Unlimited Playtime per entry.

Saturday to Sunday & Public Holidays: 2 Hours Playtime per entry.


Opening hours:
7 days a week from 10am to 9:30pm daily



Note: Thanks Amazonia for the media invite!

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