Adventure Zone Penang: Thriller Slides and More

One of the things we really looked forward to during our recent stay, was visiting the Adventure Zone indoor playground. Located within the Shangri-la hotel grounds at Batu Ferringhi beach, it is easily accessible from Golden Sands, with signs like the one below directing you there.


The girls were thrilled to see such a large indoor playground attached to the hotel, and I was impressed to learn that it was designed and built by UK-based Taylor Made Play Equipment.  Although some of the slides looked nerve-wrecking to me, this assured me of the quality of the equipment and the safety of its design.

We learnt that the entire facility was built at a cost of RM 3.5 million and complies with all UK and Malaysian safety regulations. I think what sets this aside from the other indoor playgrounds we have been to so far, are the thrilling drop slides, available in three levels, categorised as the “Hyperglide Astra Drop,” “Double Drop” and “Demon Drop” slides.


The “Hyperglide Astra Drop” slide has a height of 5.5 metres and a length of 15.2 metres, and our entire family enjoyed that the most. I am quite a thrill-seeker (I love roller-coaster rides and water slides) but found this slide really slippery and fast. Loved the colours! Overall, I appreciated the fact that there were always at least 1-2 staff at the top of the slides to ensure that safety measures were adhered to.


The blue “Double Drop” slide, with a ball pit exit, stands at a goosebump-inducing 6.1 metres tall. I am slightly ashamed to admit that I attempted it twice, but never got past perching at the top, my legs swinging and heart-thumping, before I decided to beat a wussy retreat. It was the free-fall drop that did me in; it was like plunging off a cliff!

Which is why I was particularly proud of K, when she decided to drop herself down that blue slide, and then repeated the feat more than 5 times, with nary a care in the world.  Ah the abandon of youth, before the cares and the what-ifs of the world cloud their minds.


The red “Demon Drop” slide thus named because it offers a hair-raising ride with a vertical drop of 7.3 metres. I saw a few intrepid kids and adults attempt the two red slides – they deserve a medal for conquering those! Just looking from the top makes my insides quiver, and I’m sure climbing over, and then releasing yourself downwards, is a feat for only the most stout-hearted.

slides collage


As the Adventure Zone caters to kids of all ages, those four years’ old and below have a specialised ‘Toddler Zone’ to run around in.  It includes a slide, spinning disc, “over under hurdles,” a tumble tower, a ball fountain, a ball pool, “swinging snakes,” bish bags and a play kitchen.



The rest of the indoor playground offers more challenging play modules for older children. These include a pull up ramp, a roller pole, an “x-changer,” the horizon roller, a ladder climb, a zigzag climber, spinning poles and spinning steps, a horizontal squeeze roller, fireman poles, a v-net bridge, swinging steps, “swing over nets,” a tube crawl, a tumble tower and the “slither chicane.”


V-net bridge

K and B had lots of fun exploring these – the entire playground looks unassuming at first glance, but right inside there’s so much to swing over, climb up, tumble down, and spin around in!


Ladder climb, spinning poles and spinning discs.

tube slide

B really enjoyed this tube side (hence the spontaneous thumbs-up) and I saw many kids having a whale-of-a-time playing catch as they zipped through those obstacles and tumbled like Kung Fu stars through the padded equipment.


Tube crawl and “swing over nets”.

Other facilities at the Adventure Zone include the multi-use reception area where parents can rest whilst their kids go wild, a retail and snack counter, child friendly restrooms and two themed birthday party rooms, one seating 40 and the other 60.


As you can see, my kids had a ball of a time.

Adventure Zone is expectedly more crowded on weekends (very lively on Sunday afternoon) and otherwise comfortably occupied on the Monday morning we were there. In fact, we were the only guests from 10-10:30 am, and though more kids showed up thereafter, there was plenty of space for everyone to dash about.


Useful information on Adventure Zone Indoor Playground

Dress Code

  • Socks must be worn when on the play equipment
  • Long sleeve shirts must be worn when using any of the slides
  • No wet clothes or swimming costumes in the play equipment area

Opening Hours
10am to 7pm

Age Group
Catering to all ages – toddlers to adults

Admission Policy
Please take note that children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times in the Adventure Zone. A minimum of one responsible adult must accompany every six children. Adults enter free of charge with paying children.

For resort guests
Children: MYR 48 nett for half-day package, or MYR 24 nett per two-hour session

Local visitors/Non-registered guests
Children: MYR 35 nett per two-hour session

Note: We were granted admission for the purpose of this review.

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  1. October 26, 2015 at 9:24 am

    Looking at those drops, I would have wussed out too! What a fantastic in-house fun zone!
    Mummybean recently posted…Throwback: 22 Oct 2005My Profile

    • October 26, 2015 at 9:56 am

      Yup very fun, plus good entry rates! I always thought I could take most rides and slides, but this one has totally defeated me. :/

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