A splash of colour from Mason’s Decorations

It’s 元宵节 or the Chinese Lantern Festival today, which marks the first full moon of the new lunar year. It falls on the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, and is also a day when families gather together for a meal.

So it was apt that we received a set of table-top lanterns from Mason’s Decorations, in time for 元宵。Lighting lanterns, guessing lantern riddles are the traditional festivities on the night of the 15th, since lanterns echo the light of the full moon.

The lanterns we received also came with a set of LED lights, which will add to the ambiance when lit up in the evening. You can see their full range of lanterns here – the fabric covered ones are pretty!

Families also mark 元宵 by eating 汤圆, which sounds like 团圆 , a nod to the family reunions that happen on the last day of the Lunar New Year celebrations. This year, we will be having a big family dinner on 元宵节 today, but mostly because it is also the birthday celebration of a very special little six year old! 🙂

The vase of pretty fresh flowers does make our home feel a lot more festive, and Mason’s Decorations has a huge variety of CNY decor that includes premium hampers. Here are some of their CNY flower decorations that would make for good gifts.

Mason’s Decorations also carries a wide range of home decor, from framed plants on the wall, to fresh and artificial flowers to brighten up nooks in your living spaces. There’s also free delivery, so long as your purchases are above S$50.


Happy 元宵节 one and all! May we behold the wondrous sight of the bright full moon and be thankful for the families that we have.


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