A giving experience

One morning, two little girls went out with their parents in search of some breakfast. 
Near the MRT station, they were approached by two teenage girls in uniform, toting donation bags for SAVH – the Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped. 
Mummy and Daddy consulted briefly with each other and agreed to let the girls donate.
After the girl who was almost-five read ‘Help the blind’ on the bag and put in $2. Her little 2.5 year old sister slotted in two dollar coins too. The teenage girls gave them a little wrist-band each as a token. B chose one with a bear pendant, and K chose one with a little gold heart.
Mummy later felt most tempted to appropriate these trinkets oops
As they walked away, Mummy explained to her 4.5 year old that some people could not work in high-paying jobs because they could not see, and therefore, they needed some help to buy food and other daily necessities.

She nodded and asked, “Why are they blind?”. Mummy explained that some were born not being able to see, and some lost their sight because of accidents or illness. So those of us who can work easily, can give some money to help them.

The girls wore their bracelets happily that morning. It was a small reminder of how it is actually such a privilege to be able to give.

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