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A few years ago, I was searching online for worthy causes to contribute to. I came across this interesting website and was immediately taken by a few things:

  • It all started when a UK couple came across some street kids while on holiday in South-east Asia. Instead of just shaking their heads at the sorry situation like many of us do, they vowed to return to help these children.
  • The charity Street Kids Rescue was set up in 2008 and has grown to  over 30 projects in Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.  
  • They support, feed or educate over 2000 children in various homes, schools and orphanages. nother 2000 are receiving help through feeding programs, child protection or medical care. Read about the specific amazing projects here.
  • The UK couple and their company cover all travel, admin and fundraising expenses as well as supporting all the projects.
  • 100% of donations is spent on the children.

I’ve since given annually to this organisation because I believe that they fill a gap.  Street children are probably one of the most neglected people groups, exploited for their vulnerability, lives that are constrained from reaching their full potential through education and proper care. I’m touched by their citation of the “starfish principle”, that even though the world’s needs seem overwhelming at times, just saving one starfish makes a world of difference to that starfish.

How do I know that it’s safe to give, just from what I see on a website?  Since this is a UK-registered charity, I believe in their processes and their governance structure, having witnessed how things operate there.

It just hits me hard that someone from the other side of the world cares enough to sponsor projects helping children in my part of the world.  So I felt that the least I could do was to offer whatever support I can.  And I hope you feel the same way too. And help the children, one starfish by one starfish.

Note: SKR has no idea that I’m writing this.  Just thought that I’d share about the great work that they do, and hope it inspires you too.


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