A big house and a trusty steed – Melaka III

Where did we stay and how did we move around?

Our trusty steed

We hired a 12-seater minivan which turned out to be comfortable enough for the 7 adults and two kiddos in our party. My in-laws and their friends had tried this service earlier this year, and it worked out well. Our driver this time, was Siti, who was capable, prompt and drove safely. 🙂

Insisting on writing

How do you prepare a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old for such a road trip?  Well, the time on the road was not long, but longer than they have thus far been used to. So I stocked up an arsenal of activities, which included packages from an activity box (which I will be featuring tomorrow!), english and mandarin books, the ever trusty i-stuff, and lots of snacks.

It was great having a driver for the whole duration, since it meant that we could explore obscure eateries and get bussed back for the kids’ naps whenever necessary.  It also meant that we didn’t have to worry about parking, and crossing the causeway was quite a breeze because we could use the special bus lanes.

As for accommodation, K&B had fun in the terrace ‘residence hotel’, which operated a tad like a service apartment, except that it was a house.

Pretty new and spacious accom

Breakfast would be brought round every morning, and cleaners would housekeep once a day.  I was pleasantly surprised at how new the furnishings and decor was, and B had a whale of a time climbing up and down the stairs.

One of the four rooms

The rooms were spacious, and the extended family graciously allowed us to have the master bedroom.  K was very good, agreeing to sleep on her own single bed whilst the hubs, B and I took the King. Each room comes with its own en suite bathroom, and at $30 SGD a night per person, it was a real steal.

premium outlet

En route back to Sgp, we decided to stop by the premium outlet, since we wouldn’t make a special trip to see it otherwise, having heard that it was very so-so, and discounts weren’t great.  It turned out pretty much as expected… I did buy a wallet, but apart from that, not a place we’d go to again.

not too bad

Having hardly any time to shop on a normal day back home, I took the opportunity at the Melaka malls and night market to buy two bags, underwear and slippers for the kids, as well as DO MY NAILS (whee!) whilst the lovely hubs and longsuffering grandpa stood sentinel over the sleeping kids.

happy feet
Pretty pleased with the 3D nail art at a bargain (thank you MAS for the strong SGD). 
All in all, it was a pleasant trip, and a good time of bonding with the hubs’ family.

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