3M Scotch – Make Amazing!

We were invited by 3M Scotch to a craft session involving their new range of decorative Expression Tapes. Wow, what’s not to love?

Thoughtfully located at the central Food for Thought, it was an afternoon of great fun with tape. We were truly spoilt by the wide selection of tapes, and given a kiddy chair to decorate and bring home! I was like a child let loose in a candy-tape store.

Tape dispensers every woman would love.

There were art teachers from Artz Graine on hand to encourage and guide the children, and we were plied with delicious food and drink. Great hospitality.

Photo by 3M – I love the bicycle one

Here’s a closer look at the range of Scotch Expression Tapes they have – differing widths, surface textures (Magic tapes have a matte finish, Washi tapes have a rice paper finish), holding power (Masking tapes can be used for wall mounting) and designs (solid or patterned colours). Prices range from $3.90 per roll to $9.90 for a pack of three, available at Popular Bookstores.

Photo by 3M

I love washi tape and use it quite a bit in my scrapbooking. I don’t own oodles of it, but I appreciate how versatile it is, and how it jazzes up a layout, even when used sparingly. It’s like strips of paper, but pre-cut and pre-glued! How awesome is that?

Photo by 3M – An entire bedframe and mirror decorated with tapes!

I’m also pretty excited about MyActivityRoom.com, which is launching this week. It’s an online resource chock full of creative activities for kids and adults, and users can even customise the content to have ready access to their favourite tabs! Am particularly interested in learning how to make mini-pinatas…

One tip to share – I actually bring a couple of rolls of washi tape out with me sometimes, so when the girls are sharing a drink and the straws only come in one colour (like at a fast food joint, or at some restaurants), I stick a different coloured tape around each straw, and voila! Fun looking straws for each girl, and they need not fight or share saliva, with each other.

Lovely venue that inspires art, K preparing to go at the tapes, our gift box, and a truly beautiful taped table I spotted at the backyard.

We had such a great afternoon, and K was totally absorbed in sticking on layer after layer of tape on the ‘angel wings’ that would decorate her chair. She did one side with a pink theme, and when I suggested helping with the other side, she said I should do it in blue, for B. Aww, sweet sister.

Thereafter she decided that one chair leg would be totally covered with one kind of tape… and proceeded to coat it slowly but surely…

A great afternoon of mother-daughter bonding too!

I have always been such a fan of 3M, including their Command line of wall-mounting tapes and hooks. Wouldn’t mind a lifetime supply to stick up all the scrapbook layouts and framed cross-stitch works I have!

For now, we are just having fun with the tapes we brought home. Little B is having a field day overdecorating the chair, since she was napping when we were at the session! Thanks 3M Scotch for such a great time.

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  1. March 14, 2014 at 9:45 am

    I love her dress! Such a sweet mother-daughter bonding session and I must say the tapes look so pretty and tempting to buy! =) Thanks for sharing!

    • March 18, 2014 at 9:09 am

      Welcome! Crafting is one of our favourite activities, as it must be yours too!

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