3M LED5000 Polarising Light

3M is one of my favourite companies, for the high quality life-hacks it produces. Although it has existed for as long as I can remember, it is no stuffy old firm. Rather, it keeps very much with the times through constantly innovation.  Inspiring!

The product that we were invited to learn about and review this time, was the new LED5000 Polarising Light.

Parent bloggers warmly hosted at the launch of the LED5000.

We had lighting designer Ms Janice Tan explain how brightness levels are measured in illuminance (lux), as opposed to wattage (which refers to the amount of energy used by the bulb). So us folks should aim for a light that has high lux, and low wattage, which is exactly what the LED5000 delivers.

In addition, we also learnt that more intense or detailed activities such as studying or knitting requires higher lux levels, whilst activities like watching television requires lower light levels. However, reality bit a little too close to home, when we were told that lux requirements increase with age. For instance, a 40 year old would require double the lux compared to a 20 year old, if both are doing near work. :__(

And here’s how it looked, on a couple of my desk spaces.

(From top, clockwise) Looking sleek, folded; light for laptop work; scrap table task light; rainbow looming sure requires the best lighting one can get!

K is going to primary school next year (gulp), so we wanted to get a good light for her eyes, as she will (sigh) have to do more seat work (read: homework!), possibly daily.

So it’s great that the LED5000 has a 3M proprietary optical film (that works as a diffuser) to reduce glare by up to 80%. While most other lamps allow all normal light rays to enter, the 3M polarizing optical film only filters comfortable light through. Furthermore, it converts the harmful rays thus ensuring that only optimal light reaches your eyes, minimizing eye strain and allowing for longer hours of comfortable reading. Wow.

Retailing at $239 (w/GST), it is available at stores such as Best Denki and Popular Bookstores. Worth it to get a good quality light to protect something as precious as your eyes.

For now, she need only use the light for making birthday cards for her friends.

The other thing that I was immediately struck by, was how sleek it looked.

When folded, its airbrushed metal top finish adds a touch of class to any desk, not to mention looking neat, as opposed to unwieldy.

I think the design is much improved, as compared to previous generations of 3M’s LED polarising lights.

This version comes with five different lux levels that you can switch between easily, with the touch sensor panel. For writing and rainbow looming, enjoy focused illumination at 880 lux (Level 5). For other activities like surfing your iPad, you can relax in the softer glow of 90 lux (Level 1). All of this, at an energy saving wattage of 8W.

The light comes in a very classy white too, and you can see how it fits so nicely into this posh abode (not mine, in case you’re wondering).

3M media image. 🙂

According to 3M’s recent survey involving 300 adults, most were unaware that a good task light was important, even if seemed to be sufficient fluorescent overhead lighting. In actual fact, the luminance levels of an average room only ranges from 300-500 lux, whereas one actually requires 800-1200 lux for detailed work.

Personally, I had read about the importance of a desk light, or a task light, especially for long periods of writing or reading. After I used the 3M LED5000, I could really feel the difference in luminance after I switched it off.  The fluorescent ceiling light now seemed so dim for our bedtime reading!

Did you know that a fluorescent lamp uses 30W or more?  As previously mentioned, this LED light only uses 8W, which translates into electrical bill savings in the long run.  LED lights also do not emit UV rays and does not flicker like fluorescent lights. Really makes me feel like changing all my lights to LED ones.

As a person with pretty severe myopia, I am pretty concerned that my kids get the best eye care they possibly can. Even though I recognise that myopia is genetic and becoming bespectacled might just be a matter of time, I would still like to ensure that there is as little stress as possible on their young eyes. So getting a good desk light is indeed very important!

Note: We received a 3M LED5000 desk light for the purposes of this review.

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