3000 piece jigsaw puzzle

So… we got ambitious. After a series of 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles in quick succession, we purchased a 2000 piece and a 3000 piece one.


And since the 3000 piece one depicted a lovely wintry scene, we decided to embark on it in December. First task – sorting…… We tend to under-estimate this step, since the more detailed your initial sorting is (read: need many many boxes), the more time you save later. Otherwise, you’ll have to subsequently further sort the “with some white” pile to “white with green” and “white with black”.


We got the border sorted out and pieced together easily enough, but when we got to the massive swathes of pure blue, pure white, and pure-messy colours (the autumnal trees), we realised we kinda bit off more than we could chew. So much for “finishing it by New Year’s Day”. HAH.


After about a month, this is how it looks. We spend about half an hour a day on it on weekdays, and slightly more time on weekends. After a while, even when we are out, the sky reminds us exactly of a spot in the puzzle, and every other tree begins to resemble the ones in the puzzle. 走火入魔。



Because we are suckers for punishment really enjoy this hobby, we ploughed on, and finally finished large sections. Presenting, the full SKY.


Then, the full two snow laden trees at the bottom right. *high fives*


In between, we had to move our project away from the dining table for two major events – Christmas party with our cell group, and subsequently the first day of CNY when we hosted my dad’s extended family of 45. It would have been technically easier if we had one large board, instead of two make-shift ones, but since we didn’t think we’d be making 3000-piece puzzles often, we didn’t want to go out and buy one ginormous board.

Finally, finally, in early March, we completed the puzzle!!

Presenting… Neuschwanstein Castle in Winter. Fixed in the ‘winter’ of 2015.


We think this puzzle is really beautiful, and since we know almost every inch of it now, we are going to frame it up for display in our home soon!

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  2 comments for “3000 piece jigsaw puzzle

  1. March 21, 2016 at 11:06 pm

    3,000 pieces! Wow that is some achievement. Been such a long time since I attempted to fix a jig saw puzzle and it was just 1,000 piece which sounds like chicken feet compared to what you did there.
    Susan Koh recently posted…A Magical Time at Disney on Ice Magical Ice Festival ReviewMy Profile

    • March 21, 2016 at 11:19 pm

      We are not going to do another 3000 piece one in a looooong time! It was arduous!

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