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I wrote about the two gems I found from Shalom Christian Media last year, and thought I’d introduce three more great Christian books for kids from the same bookroom.


It’s a very simple and unassuming book room, manned mainly by Francis and his small crew, but it is the hubs and my favourite Christian book room because it’s stocked full of carefully curated, theologically sound books.

I think that in itself is good enough reason to visit. No danger of picking up some waffly stuff that has no biblical basis, or stuff that wrongly interprets the bible and thus exhorts Christians towards skewed worldviews. If you are a fan of Puritan literature, or are looking for Reformed Calvinist theological works, this is the best place to be, and Francis is the best person to pose questions to.

On one visit, we found that K had assembled a cosy reading nook for herself! Haha – guess we were taking so long that necessity once again became the mother of invention.


Now, to introduce three wonderful books that can be found at Shalom.


  1. Everything a child should know about God by Kenneth N. Taylor

As Gospel Coalition writer Justin Taylor puts it, “Good theology for pre-schoolers is hard to come by”. Personally, I find that they are either too watered down, or has some dodgy ‘morals of the story’.

Tim Challies says that it “…presents the deepest truths in the simplest ways, and encourages both knowledge and trust.” And I totally agree with Marty Machowski who says that the author “explains our incomprehensible God in ways even a four-year-old can understand.” Plus, really cute illustrations! Was totally sold on this.



2. That’s when I talk to God by Dan & Ali Morrow

This is one of K&B’s favourite bedtime books of all time. I personally love it because it speaks to my heart too.  It’s a book that explains through the events of a day, that we can really “pray continually” (1 Thess 5:16), and shows how our relationship with God is one where we can converse with Him, in all circumstances.

Highly relatable, it talks about difficult situations as well, and helps a child understand rebellion, confession, care for others, and even what to do when a friend flippantly dismisses your faith. What a gem.


It was interesting for me to learn that Ali Morrow (nee Alison Strobel) is the daughter of Lee Strobel, who wrote “The Case for Christ”. The latter writes an Afterword at the end of the book, with a bit about how he relates to it as a grandfather. Heartening to see good work for the Lord continue through the generations.


3. 52 Spurgeon Stories for Children (Books 1 and 2) by Tony Hutter

I attended Spurgeon’s church for a few years, and so am a huge fan of the man’s life and works. So when I saw these books I knew I had to buy them. I got a set for K&B, and a set for the church’s children’s library.

The stories draw from Spurgeon’s early life, and Tony Hutter’s renderings translate really inspiring stories into bite sized devotionals. Given that there are 52 stories in each book, you could even use one a week as Sunday School material!


There we go! Hope you enjoyed learning about this selection of books. Am planning to introduce a couple more next month too.


Shalom Christian Media

8 New Industrial Road, #03-01,
LHK 3 Building, Singapore 536200

Bookroom Operating Hours:
Monday – Thursday, 1 pm to 5 pm
Saturday, 12.30 pm to 5 pm
Closed on Friday, Sunday & Public Holidays

65-6383-4341 (Best to give them a call before you visit!)

Email for enquiries:

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